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PVC Strip Curtains/Air Curtains for Coldrooms - Brisbane - Envirochill
With a diverse range of sizes and thicknesses, PVC strip curtains are a simple and economical solution to keeping your cold room at optimal temperature without putting strain on the unit. A PVC curtain from Enviro Chill will also help you meetEnviro Chill has PVC curtain options for the smallest of cold rooms to the largest commercial refrigeration units, we have you covered.

Our PVC curtains will assist you in temperature control, hygiene maintenance and noise reduction.

There are many advantages to one of Enviro Chill’s PVC curtains, the biggest being you’re in control. With this simple measure, you are in control of temperature, vermin, noise and visibility.

To discuss your PVC curtain options, please call Enviro Chill on 0415 168 729 to arrange a quote and your FREE 18 point cold room inspection.