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hey I just wanted to let u know that I had a problem with my cold room last week and one of my staff left the cold room door open, as a result there was an ice build up around the coils overnight wich made the cold room temperature high.. I got my first notification at 4am so I snoozed it for an hour. Then by 5am when I started getting more notifications , so , why im telling u this is because your system works , on many occasions when we notice a problem like this it will be too late and we will have to run around trying to save stock and look for the fastest handy man who can come in to fix the problem. The call out fees and the run around alone cost as much as one device. im glad we got the system just in time it happened . But thats not all. We got a 5 star rating from the Ipswich city council for food safety and hygiene . Your system helped contribute to this and im very glad we went ahead and installed the system when we did when we did. Thanks SAM
Sam Hassan - Brassall Seafood and Takeaway


We have been using EnviroChill for years at our venue. Their service is amazing, always willing to assist with problems that arise. Friendly and polite company who supplies impeccable products and customer service. Would recommend to anyone in the hospitality industry.

CL - Chef


The cold room / freezer monitors have saved me thousands of dollars.

The cold room has been left ajar on several occasions, the condensers have failed and power outages have occurred and the monitors have alerted me as to the issues and I have been able to alleviate loss of stock.

For example I can phone the DM from home and let them know there is a problem in the keg room before they even know about it.

On Sunday night there is a power surge that knocked out the freezer. The DM was notified and a technician was on site ASAP to fix the unit and alleviate any loss of stock.

The EHO loves them. I have all cold room and freezer temperature records on hand thru the APP. My staff do not have to check any cold rooms which saves me approx. $30 per day in wages. That’s $210 per week.

I highly recommend them.

Brent Carroll - Club Services Ipswich


To All my Foodie Friends, I've seen results within my Coolroom for 5 years . it works and the moisture content is ZERO.
0.. Zero means no ugly bacteria eats away at your produce and all the other important things we want to give is....... The best shelf life !!!.
5yrs, I wish it was 35 yrs and I want it at home.!! Please Call Trinity Bond and her better half Chris. Personality and professionalism is what they are.

Andrew Sibley

Cold room cleaning

"Our cold rooms were well over due for a good steam clean. Contacted EnviroChill via LinkedIn which was a great decision. They done an awesome job. Smells fresh and less moisture. Thank-you Trinity and team."
Tyrone Lanagan

Golf Clubs

EnviroChill have been been servicing our golf club for years. They provide friendly, prompt and professional service and we highly recommend EnviroChill to other businesses!
Scott Swan


We at Arthur Clive's Family Bakehouse use Enviro Chill in all 3 of our stores, as well as our production facility , the service and product is impeccable, when asked if we recommend Enviro Chill I can honestly say that if your business is anything to do with food and refrigeration then these guys are a necessity.
Arthur Clive's Family Bakehouse


“We trialled ChillSafe in a number of our cool rooms for 6 months before making ChillSafe our preferred method for improving our control over both bacterial and ethylene activity in our cold storage areas. Over the trial period we experienced a reduction in deposited moulds yeasts and bacteria (settle plate test method) in our cool rooms and this has been reflected in an increased shelf life on our manufactured products.”
L Ambrose, National Quality Manager, Vili's Cakes


“We had the cool room down for a couple of days a few weeks ago and usually that means mould begins to grow, however this time, no mould. Go figure, the product works!”
D Trengove, Owner, Mulga Hill Tavern, Broken Hill


“I was skeptical at first, but after only 3 or 4 weeks of the ChillSafe being installed in our coolroom, staff members started noticing that the air was fresher and that the odours had been reduced. We also noticed some herbs and certain produce that would have traditionally been discarded, were still in good and usable condition. The test results we achieved in the reduction of bacteria, mould and yeast with the ChillSafe process are outstanding”
Steve, Head Chef, The Cumberland Hotel