Temperature monitoring made easy

EnviroChill make wireless temperature monitoring easy

At EnviroChill, we make your life easier, so you can do what you love – delivering exceptional food to your customers – whilst we take care of the things like your cold room temperature and your cold room sanitising and cleaning.

It’s important tasks like temperature monitoring that are often the most disruptive, especially when you’re in the middle of a service rush. If you’d rather focus on the food you’re plating, than the food in your cold room, our wireless temperature monitoring services are for you.

Why you’ll love our temperature monitoring services:

  • we’ll help you select the right system to suit your business;
  • we supply, install and teach you how to use it;
  • we customise your temperature alarms;
  • you’ll save money on food waste;
  • ultimate peace of mind knowing your cold room temperature is professionally monitored 24/7;
  • say goodbye to manual temperature checks;
  • less paperwork;
  • immediate refrigerator alarm notifications via SMS or email if a problem arises;
  • phone and email support;
  • comply with council regulations with automated accurate fridge temperature readings and detailed logs;
  • the Food Safety Database is designed to comply with the Eat Safe Program used by Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich councils; and
  • your kitchen will be calmer, more functional, efficient, sustainable and profitable.

How our temperature monitoring services work

Our temperature monitoring services include installation of Wireless Temperature Sensors. These temperature sensors automatically track the temperature of your cold room, meaning you don’t have to stop what you are doing to manually check and record the temperature. If your temperature becomes unsafe, you’ll receive a temperature alarm notification via email or text message, allowing you to rectify any issues promptly.

As well as refrigeration temperature monitoring, a digital food safety database can also track staff training, cleaning, maintenance and more. Poor record keeping can result in a lower star rating, or a ruined reputation if one of your patron’s falls ill due to improperly stored food.

Temperature alarm notifications can mean the difference between throwing out valuable food stock or saving the day.  This is why we are so passionate about providing chefs with affordable temperature monitoring services!

More than just fridge and freezer temperature monitors

Did you know, our fridge temperature probes can also be used to monitor temperatures in a wide range of other equipment and situations including:

  • Dishwasher temperatures;
  • Bain Marie temperatures;
  • Oven temperatures to +250°C
  • Goods received temperatures;
  • Continuous cook/chill temperatures;
  • IT/Computer Room temperatures;
  • Transport vehicle temperatures;
  • Air-conditioning temperatures in patron areas;
  • Tropical aquariums and amphibious enclosures;
  • Aquaculture to horticulture environmental monitoring.

In fact, we can find a solution for almost any situation you can think of which might require remote temperature monitoring services -just ask!

Which Brisbane kitchens use our cold room temperature monitor services?

We’ve worked with cafes, restaurants, bars, aged care facilities and more from Brisbane to Toowoomba. No matter the type of restaurant or business you own, if you’ve got a cold room, we can help you protect your food, your customers and your reputation. Contact us now to learn more about how EnviroChill can transform your kitchen.


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