Protect your livelihood

Our cold room protection services protect your food, customers and reputation

Cold room cleaning is the first step to making a real difference to your business’ bottom line. If you want to continue to experience these benefits, investing in our cold room protect services are the way to go.

EnviroChill’s cold room hygiene filters are backed by international research, local data, and the results speak for themselves. Our chefs have told us their stock is staying fresher for longer, and they are no longer dealing with bacteria, odours, frost or mildew.

A Humitech filter from EnviroChill will provide you with:

  • a colder, fresher cold room environment;
  • energy savings through improved efficiency;
  • reduced repair and maintenance cost;
  • extended shelf life of perishables, reducing food waste;
  • reduced cross contamination in cold rooms;
  • reduced excess condensation where bacteria and mould can flourish;
  • improved Workplace Health and Safety; and
  • reduced cleaning time.

We provide cold room protection services to the following businesses:

  • restaurants;
  • cafes;
  • hotels;
  • sports clubs;
  • hospitals;
  • aged care facilities;
  • schools;
  • butchers;
  • bakers;
  • florists; and
  • small to medium food manufacturers.

Our cold room protect services are tailored to the needs of your business and include the best environmentally safe products available.

We also use ChillSafe

We work with ChillSafe cold room protection products, because they are award winning and they produce amazing results. Our customers are constantly impressed with the difference ChillSafe makes to their cold room and their overall business.

Contact our Brisbane head office to see how we can transform your kitchen

We love seeing our chefs experience the benefits of an efficient, clean and protected cold room. The bottom line is we’re here to help you, so contact us today to see how we can tailor our services to your needs.


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