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Coldroom mould removal  

EnviroChill offer ultimate coldroom cleaning and hygiene solutions to:​


Cold storage is essential to protect food and other items from harmful bacteria and reduce spoilage. The moisture and bacteria control EnviroChill offers gives you the peace of mind knowing that your coldroom and refrigeration systems will not be the cause of a bacterial infection. 

EnviroChill offer you the best of the best with natural moisture control filters and now, introducing ChillSafe®. 

ChillSafe is an Australian made, sustainable eco product for refrigeration hygiene. This multi award winning product gives business owners peace of mind in knowing that they have a cost saving solution to maintain their equipment and control bacteria and mould to improve food safety. 

EnviroChill’s natural filters provide an additional range of benefits across all forms commercial refrigeration. The proven moisture control properties in these filters assist with creating an odour free environment, improve WH&S, reduce food wastage, and improve energy efficiency to reduce your carbon footprint.


A natural filter from EnviroChill gives you:


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