Your Manual Temperature Checks Will Become a Thing of The Past

With our refrigeration, freezer and cold room temperature monitoring services, your manual temperature checks will become a thing of the past. When you’re in the middle of a breakfast, lunch or dinner rush, you want to be able to focus on plating excellent food for your customers, not worrying if your fridges are operating correctly.

The reality is, in a middle of a rush there are tons of other things you need to be thinking about. With our automatic temperature monitor services, checking the temperature of your cold room won’t be one of them.

Get Immediate Notifications Via SMS or Email

The key to our refrigeration temperature monitoring system is Wireless Temperature Loggers. These Wireless Temperature Loggers effortlessly record temperatures for you. The system also sends you instant notifications to your smartphone, tablet or computer if problems arise.

These instant notifications are the difference between losing or saving a whole cold room worth of stock. It can also mean the difference between a lower star rating, or a ruined reputation if one of your patrons falls ill, due to improperly stored food. This is why we’re so passionate about cold room temperature monitoring!

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Complying with Council Regulations Just Got Easier

Every business that serves food needs to comply with council regulations and their Food Safety Program. You may also need to comply with your own Food Safety, HACCP or QA program. This can be a massive task, requiring pages and pages of records and hours of labour.

EnviroChill’s Wireless Temperature Loggers are supported by a Food Safety database designed to comply with the Eat Safe program used by Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich councils.

This system just gets better, with the ability to also track staff training, cleaning and maintenance records. It will even highlight if you fall behind!

We Help You Monitor Your Refrigeration’s Efficiency

At EnviroChill, we do our best to offer an all-encompassing service, to ensure your refrigeration runs efficiently, and stays up to date with council standards all year round. Not only do we take care of your cold room cleaning and your cold room protection , we can also provide cold room temperature monitoring equipment, processes and tips.

When you take advantage of our amazing cold room temperature monitoring service, we’ll install it and teach you how to use it. Once you’re up and running we provide ongoing phone and email support as required.

EnviroChill are Your Brisbane Based Cold Room Cleaning and Wireless Temperature Monitoring Experts

EnviroChill is Brisbane based, but we work with companies, cafes and restaurants from here to Toowoomba. We’re passionate about helping people experience the benefits of proper cold room temperature monitoring practices!

When you enlist our cold room cleaning, cold room protect, and automtic temperature monitoring alarm services, you will see differences to your cold rooms efficiency and the quality of your stock. You’ll also be able to reduce your staff labour, maintenance, and food wastage. The best part is, you’ll also save money!

Protect your food, your customers and your reputation with EnviroChill’s cold room cleaning and cold room temperature monitoring services!

Contact us today, to see how we can tailor our services to your business’s needs.


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