Chill Safe

ChillSafe, a HACCP certified refrigeration hygiene solution for food service and manufacturing industries.

Multi award-winning ChillSafe® is an effective and simple to use product, it reduces bacteria, mould, yeast and ethylene in coldrooms, refrigeration, chiller units and refrigerated transport.

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Made in Australia, ChillSafe is a sustainable eco product that provides food service and hospitality professionals a cost effective solution for maintaining the hygiene of their refrigerated facilities. It addresses two most common issues effecting quality, costs and sustainability of managing fresh produce:

microbial growth – damaging bacteria that decomposes produce and increases pathogen risk for human consumption.
excess ethylene – a plant hormone that shortens the shelf life of produce by hastening fruit ripening, causing significant economic losses for food service providers, markets, suppliers and growers.

The ChillSafe sachet is environmentally activated to work continuously in maintaining the hygiene of refrigerated spaces and assist openly stored produce stay fresher for longer. ChillSafe utilises the known natural power of reactive oxygen species (ROS) to create a vapour that targets air borne and surface based bacteria, ethylene and mould to significantly reduce pathogen risk, odours and food wastage.

ChillSafe has been independently proven to be extremely effective as the vapour can treat an entire refrigerated space, including the most hard to reach places throughout the chiller unit, underneath equipment and in deep cracks and gaps where other products and services just can’t reach.


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