Tips for Food Waste Reduction
January 15, 2018

Tips for Food Waste Reduction

Approximately 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted every year around the world. That’s billion, with a B. Australia is responsible for a large portion of that wastage and that is very unfortunate. The team here at EnviroChill has come up with a few tips on how to reduce food waste. Let’s get into it!
Tips for Food Waste Reduction – Brisbane – Envirochill


This a really good way to manage food waste. If you donate food that you aren’t using, someone else who is less fortunate can have it. While that’s a really good and positive way of dealing with food waste, as a business owner, it should be in your best interests to make sure you don’t have much food left over.


Some simple planning can save lots of food. For example, if you stock according your menu which strictly follows the cuisine you serve, you’re likely to not waste a lot. If you see that patrons aren’t being able to finish the standard portion size you serve, maybe it’s time to reduce the portion size to save some food and money. Using seasonal produce, shopping local and growing your own herbs can save you time, money and a whole lot of food.

Encourage Patrons to Take Home Left Overs

If you don’t want to reduce portion size when patrons aren’t able to finish their dishes, encourage them to take their left overs home rather than chucking it in the bin. You could offer some small gifts if they decide to do that. That way, the goodwill of your business will increase, you will save food and your patrons will be happy.

Coldroom Management

If you manage your coldroom smartly, you can avoid wasting a lot of food. If your coldroom is well managed and coldroom cleaning is done properly, bacteria and mould can’t grow on or near your food. As a result, food will last much longer. In addition, modern coldroom hygiene technology also means that ethylene is removed from your coldroom which in turn means your fresh produce doesn’t ripen prematurely. So they will stay fresh longer.

World hunger is one of the biggest challenges of humanity, and we all have a role to play. EnviroChill can help you save food, money and your reputation through coldroom hygiene, coldroom cleaning and other related coldroom services in Brisbane. Call today and contribute in saving food and defeating world hunger, one step at a time.