June calendar
May 23, 2019

June calendar

As the End of Financial Year hurtles towards us, reminding us that we are already half way through the year, here are some ideas to help you boost that final bottom line.

Once again we’ve taken the hard work of coming up with promotional ideas for the month.

Of particular note for us at EnviroChill, “World Environment Day” is June 5, along with other notable days such as “Cancer Survivor’s Day “, and “World Farmer Day”

There are lots of other tasty days to build your specials around, including (my favorite) Gin Day, Rocky Road Day, Peanut Cookie Day and even a Falafel Day.  Let me know which one inspires you the most?

1 June

World Milk Day

2 June

Cancer Survivor’s Day

Rocky Road Day

3 June

Thank God It’s Monday Day

4 June

Hug Your Cat Day

Cognac Day

5 June

Sausage Roll Day

World Environment Day

6 June

Gardening Exercise Day

Applesauce Cake Day

7 June

Donut Day

Chocolate Ice Cream Day

8 June

World Gin Day

World Doll Day

9 June

Donald Duck Day

Rose’ Day

10 June

Iced Tea Day

11 June

German Chocolate Cake Day

Corn on the Cob Day

12 June

Superman Day

Peanut Butter Cookie Day

International Falafel Day

13 June

Jerky Day

Farm Workers Day
14 June

World Blood Donor Day

Bourbon Day

Cupcake Day

15 June

Lobster Day

Smile Power Day

16 June

World Tapas Day

Fudge Day

Fresh Veggies Day

17 June

Eat Your Veggies Day

Apple Strudel Day

18 June

International Sushi Day

International Picnic Day

19 June

Garfield the Cat Day

Martini Day

20 June

Ice Cream Soda Day

Vanilla Milkshake Day

21 June

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Peaches & Cream Day

22 June

Onion Ring Day

Chocolate Eclair Day

23 June

Public Service Day

Typewriter Day

24 June

Fairy Day

Pralines Day

25 June

Global Beatles Day

Strawberry Parfait Day

Goats Cheese Day

26 June

Chocolate Pudding Day

27 June

Sunglasses Day

Orange Blossom Day

28 June

Happy Heart Hugs Day

Ceviche Day

Tapioca Day

29 June

Waffle Iron Day

Almond Buttercrunch Day

30 June

Social Media Day

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