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Here are some of the common questions we get asked about our service:

I have a new coldroom, why should I use your system? (Even from day 1)
Refrigeration itself is not a hygiene system – it may slow pathogens, but does destroy them, or the ethylene gas which cause
premature food spoilage. Once mould gets in, it’s hard to control. The process of refrigeration damages fresh produce.

My coldroom is pretty old - how can your system help?
Old equipment often responds best; there’s usually a lot of room for improvement. EnviroChill can also provide a detailed
assessment of other important areas of your refrigeration such as damaged door seals, latches, alarms, door hinges etc.

Will I be locked into a contract?
No way! We want our customers to engage us based on the quality of our work and the results we achieve, not because
someone has signed a piece of paper.

Are there any hidden costs?
Absolutely not! We offer a genuine, free, no obligation trial, because we know that the results will speak for themselves.
We only ask that you give us a little notice if you chose to not continue.

How do I know it works?
We understand that every coldroom is different, but we know that within two weeks you will spot the differences. You will
see, feel and smell the improvements for yourself. ChillSafe has undergone rigorous testing by HACCP Australia to achieve
independent certification. If required, we can assist with sending surface swabs to an independent laboratory.

How does your service save me money?
• Food lasts longer, so waste is reduced.
• Removing moulds, bacteria and pathogens so that foods are not prematurely ripened or spoilt.
• The drying effect of refrigeration reduces product weight, quality and shelf life; we reverse that affect.
• Workers compensation claims can be expensive. Our service reduces the risk of slips/falls and manual handling.
• Staff cleaning a coldroom can be reduced, saving on cleaning products and wage bills.
• Clean equipment lasts longer, means less breakdowns and saves on daily energy consumption.

Will I get certification for the work you complete?
Certainly. We can provide electronic or paper copies of our Certificate of Completion for your Food Safety records.

Why choose EnviroChill?
EnviroChill have been providing coldroom hygiene services between Brisbane and Toowoomba for over ten years. We are
truly passionate about helping businesses improve food safety and at the same time, actually save money. Customer service,
reliability and providing a confidential and professional service are paramount to us.