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Lock In Future Cleans With Your 2017 Budget

Don't waste your unused 2017/2018 budget!

Has your accountant or finance manager ever told you 'Use it or Lose it!' ? In many businesses, forward budget projections are based on previous year's spending, meaning that if you don't spend it this year, you may not even get it next year.

If you have any remaining budgets in cleaning, maintenance or capital expenditure, you can invest these now in services from EnviroChill and reap the benefits in operational savings immediately as well as throughout the coming year. With June 30 rapidly approaching you should consider taking this opportunity before the funds disappear forever.


Right now is the perfect opportunity to book an EFY Coldroom clean - just like a spring clean only better! Our professional coldroom cleaning will:

* improve the hygiene of your refrigeration

* reduce the ongoing energy consumption,

* improve the shelf life and quality of fresh produce

* reduce the time it takes for staff to perform their routine cleaning and maintenance tasks.


EnviroChill now provide wireless temperature monitoring systems that provide an average return on investment within just 8 months - or potentially, overnight when things to wrong. 

* Imagine never having to record refrigeration temperatures again!

* Imagine receiving a timely warning if your freezer or refrigeration broke down, so you could protect your precious stock before it had to be thrown away.

Enquire today and you may be eligible to receive an immediate tax deduction, or enter into an easy payment plan, to spread the cost into the new financial year.

If you would like to discuss your options to optimise your budget, call Trinity now on 0415 168 729 to book a free consultation, or click HERE to schedule a call back at a time that suits you.

NB: This does not constitute financial advice, you should discuss any decisions with your accountant or finance advisor.