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Are You Sweeping The Porch In A Cyclone?

I've just been asked by a client to consult on an issue they are having with mould in brand new coldrooms. Yes, after some 30 years of not having a problem, this client went "out with the old and in with the new" during a recent renovation.

Now, just 12 months down the track, despite continuing the exact same hygiene program they have followed for at least the last 8-10 years, they have discovered mould in their BRAND NEW rooms.

It is an statement I hear all too often from potential clients - "we don't need your service because our coldrooms are new". I dislike being confrontational, but there's a voice in my head that wants to say - "And do you want to keep them that way?"

The truth is, once mould takes a hold, it is near on impossible to get rid of. What most people don't understand is that although they might clean away the visible mycelium, cleaning alone will not remove the microscopic airborne spores. You might say, it's like trying to sweep the porch during a cyclone.

One question that is often asked, is 'where does it come from'. Unfortunately without expensive and extensive testing it is improbable to suggest the origin of the problem given that there are over 1.5million types of mould.  It can be present on fresh produce originating at the farm gate, in transport vehicles, storage warehouses or anywhere in the transport chain.  And once it's in, it's a nightmare to get rid of.

My philosophy is always that 'prevention is better than a cure'. At EnviroChill we use ChillSafe in our coldroom hygiene program to actively target a wide range of airborne pathogens. HACCP-approved ChillSafe works by releasing a reactive oxygen species (ROS) vapour into the refrigerated space. 

These airborne ROS molecules attack and break down the cell walls of a wide range of micro-organisms/pathogens at a cellular level when they come into contact with them. Being airborne, the ROS vapour is able to completely infiltrate all corners and crevices of coldrooms, including inside the fan unit, on shelves and portable equipment, as well as incoming stock. ChillSafe sachets are environmentally activated and designed to slowly and continually release ROS vapour to provide complete 24/7 protection.

If you would like to find out more about how ChillSafe can help protect your refrigeration from mould and other pathogens, call Trinity @ EnviroChill today - 0415 168 729