5 Food Safety Tips for Your Commercial Kitchen
May 15, 2018

5 Food Safety Tips for Your Commercial Kitchen

To maintain a good reputation in the hospitality industry, you need to ensure your commercial kitchen is kept clean and healthy at all times. To help you keep your kitchen as clean safe as possible, here are 5 food safety tips from the EnviroChill team.

Wash food thoroughly

A quick rinse under the tap isn’t enough to get rid of unwanted bacteria. Ensure that all fruit and vegetables are washed and scrubbed to prevent any bacteria from spreading to the interior of the produce during preparation. Use a colander to thoroughly wash fruit and vegetables and do not use the same colander for other foods such as rice or pasta. You should always use cold water or a commercially approved fruit and vegetable rinse.

lways use gloves

All food workers should always be wearing gloves in the kitchen. More importantly, gloves should be changed as workers switch between raw meat and poultry, fruit and vegetables and cooked food. If they don’t change their gloves they risk cross contamination of the customer’s food and potential food poisoning.

Differentiate cutting boards and utensils

Just as gloves should be changed between ingredients, so should your cutting boards and utensils. Have different utensils and cutting boards labelled or colour coordinated to ensure your workers have different preparation spaces for fruit and vegetables, raw uncooked meat, poultry, seafood, eggs and cooked meat.

Clean your cold room

Professional cold room cleaning is essential to keep your food storage facilities mould and bacteria free. By using specialised ultra-heated dry steam technology, our cold room cleaning services will ensure that your cold room is spick and span from the walls to the evaporator unit.

Store food at the right temperature

In Australia, food safety regulations dictate that all food should be refrigerated no more than 5 degrees. Anything above this is dangerous and can encourage the growth of bacteria. If you want to ensure your temperature stays consistent, then try our cold room monitor services. We can provide you with cold room temperature monitoring equipment, processes and tips to keep your kitchen at a safe temperature.

For more information about our Brisbane based cold room cleaning and cold room monitoring systems, contact EnviroChill today.

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